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I need your money

and I'll make it worth your while
Give you service with a smile
I need your money 
Come and get you what you need
I need your loving 
And I’ll give you what I can
Baby, help you understand
I need your loving 
I'll come running when you call

And if you really wanna go
We can really fucking go 
I can take you all the way
Just listen what I say
I got that good shit

Hey, how you doing?
I've been alright, easy grooving
With you on the weekend
Taking my time with your Sunday morning

And if you found the spark has gone
Let mama sing you one more song
For all the trouble you’ve been through
This little tune for you
My Baby

We chose our names
We chose our ways to get by
It was never enough
But it was enough to survive
Now I'm draggin' my feet through the sidewalk

 this heat's really getting me down
But I'll keep coming to
If it gets me to you
Hope it turns us around

And I found when it goes around
That it goes so slow
And our names aren't quite the same
When they say them wrong

Sorry to say we'll be expecting delays
Now please grab a seat
Get you something to eat
Don't walk too far away from the gate
And I can't stand it anymore
But I'm still on my own two feet
Just wait till we get there 
I hear that it's nice there

We'll be home soon
Remember yesterday
How far we've come today 
We'll be alright
I thought we'd learn by now
A way to live

We'll be home soon
A warm and cozy bed
A place to rest our heads 
And we'll be alright
I thought we learned somehow
A way to live without

Daddy Dookie Brown's away
Now Sally Dookie Brown can play
She's got me on them golden shower dreams
Now Sally rains love down upon me

Only for a moment there, she stares; it's him
He had never really gone, not for long, no
Here comes Daddy Dookie Brown and he's found that I'm down with Sally Brown

Daddy beats my ass, Daddy do me in
Oh, Mister Dookie Brown, I don't know where to begin
It's just that Sally's got the goods I need
Things no one else will do for me



Les presentaré al hijo de papá
Un tipo medio raro, raro y además
Piensa que sin él
El sol no puede amanecer
No sé quién se cree, el hijo de papá

Ay, chiquitín
Nos das pena y en fin
Ya sabrás dónde estás
Eres un pez enanito
Y te crees en el mar tiburón, tiburón

Qué pedo tienes
¿Es que tú no acabas de crecer?
Pinche morro, ven y yo te doy algo para aprender
¿Qué te pasa?
Incluso se te olvida dónde andabas
Este barrio, estas ciudad es de servicio de mostaza
Más te vale que me cambies el tonito
Que yo no soy tu nana, ni tu tita ni tu tito
Te repito: ese tonito me lo cambias en seguida
Si es que verdaderamente aprecias a la vida

Ay, mi carnal
La vas a pasar mal
Si te enfrentas con estos
Y además yo sé bien lo que harás
A llorarle, a llorarle a papá

De chiquito no eras tan mamón
La pasabas chido, eras mejor
Ya se te ha soplado el aire astuto
Pudiste ser artista informal
La cultura no te viene mal
Qué pena que saliste, pinche p**o

Ay, chiquitín
Nos das pena y en fin
Te daré un consejo
Portate bien que no sabes con quién toparás, ya verás


Take me to a place I'd really like to go
To Mary's Laundry, the only place we know
Mary's Laundry; that's where I wanna be
The doors are never closed, and baby eats for free

When the night is almost through
I try to find my way to you
Know just where I'm going to
The humble corner on the street
You're drunk and need a bite to eat
You know just where I'm going
Mary's, baby

Mary's Laundromat, that's really where it's at
Stay and have a smoke, stay and have a chat
When I hear that name, I know I'm coming home
Inside these moonlit walls, I'll never be alone


It Is What It Is

Whatever you say, dear
We don't have a problem
But lately, the birds won't sing
You never ask questions
I never get answers to this
Hello and goodbye
But it is what it is

We tend to spend sunsets
You never make sunrise
but sunsets do suit you well
I'll stop asking questions
When there are no answers to this
A swing and a miss
But it is what it is

So hold me close and tight
I'll see you in my dreams tonight
Where it's almost just the same
You say my name like only you
Are you dreaming of me too?

Some strange combination
Of pain and persuasion
But baby, it hurts so good
What sweet indignation
With no explanation to this
An end with no end
But it is what it is


Oh lonely day
This 2-5-1
Drove her away
Now 2-5-1
makes you better
Helps you forget her
Just play this 2-5-1

Come with me
We'll make mistakes
Don't be afraid to get carried away
Come what may
We'll always stay the same
Kids we were, laughin' and playin'
And beauty can be so delectable, wearing your eyes
What a disguise
What a good look

Hey, how you been?
Is it always so hazy?
Loving you here is makin' me lazy
You haven't found everything that you're searchin'
Find it with me then we'll lose it and find it again

And, in a way
Make it feel like I'm dreamin'
Don't wake me up until I start screaming
You haven't found everything that you're searchin'
Find it with me then we'll lose it and find it again

Pleasantries; something I said to you, love
Make it sweet so that they won't leave you
If they do, say it again and again
I love you more than myself
Something I say to you
Something that makes you do
That thing where you smile



What a Life


"Baby, sit down," she says, "I've something on my mind"
What is it now, my dear? It's always something new
Something small, not worth a care
But you're insistently upset once more
"See what I mean?" she says, "You're quick to brush me off
It might not mean much to you but this is how I feel
And it's real, don't say it ain't true
I'm not crazy, I'm not crazy"

You listen to me and listen up good
You don't look at me the way that you should
Well she was too close, you think I'm a fool 
Well she can have you if she thinks you're so cool

What a day
Misspoken comments slipped away
Oh, what a day it could've been for me and you
But I just had to run my mouth
Shut your mouth
You never listen, only talk
And when we argue you just walk that butt away
We'll save it for a rainy day

But hey, let's slow down
What were we even arguing about?
I don't recall feeling so upset
And in your arms, it's not hard to forget
All the fussing and fighting and cussing for nothing
Oh, darling, I think we can see
That's just how two lovers will be naturally


I find myself slowly forgetting you
Ain't it a shame that's how this ends
For oh so long we shared a bed
Shared a life and now instead
Merely strangers once again

I thought I'd write for you an elegy
I thought I'd kill us with a verse
But still, this something lingers on
Like a melancholy song
Too nostalgic to forget

Complications arose
Like a word from a rose
Eating up everything
And though you try to make it work
Your baby greets you with a smirk
Leaving nothing left to do
Nothing to say
So I'll say this

songbirds will sing from your trees
Pretty melodies
Far better than me
Flowers will bloom at your feet
Or something more discreet
Like a breeze amidst the heat

Oh what a way
To let someone get away like this
Might be best to not look back
And I still see you in my bed
With the sheets over your head
To block the light from the TV

Set resentments aside
Let me swallow my pride
You gave me everything
If not for you I wouldn't be me
You showed me all this boy could be
And so I'll thank you and I'll leave you with this bittersweet goodbye

songbirds will sing from your trees
Pretty melodies
Far better than me
Flowers will bloom at your feet
Or something more discreet
Like a breeze amidst the heat

Suitors will rush to your door
Begging you for more
But you're much more than they deserve
And I'll be a friend, not a foe
Anywhere you go
Until the very end

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