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Hey hi hello
Mustard Service here
We are a group of five boys from Miami, Florida just  
looking for a good time. Now if you'd like to take the time, we'd like to tell you how this shit-show began

On a warm summer evening in the year of our Lord 2015, a young college drop out is in his backyard, guitar in hands scribbling lazily on a loose sheet of paper. He taps his pen on his chin intensely, contemplating the first and only line that reads: "I'm going down". he stares down at his pathetic excuse for an opening line and calls it a night. "eh, I'll try again tomorrow" he says. This is his mantra. He didn't know it then, but that pathetic little line would be the birthplace of a little band called Mustard Service and that pathetic little line would be the opening line of a little album called Zest Pop. 

For the next two years Marco Rivero and Armando Baeza (producer and former drummer) wrote and recorded the debut album "Zest Pop", bringing in their friends Gabriel Marinuchi (guitar), Augusti Di Catarina (bass, backing vocals), and Leo Cattani (keys) to play the songs live as a full band. they played a few push-moshing, beer-spilling, gear-breaking, cop-calling, arrested-getting shows throughout Miami-Dade County, managing to amass a small yet passionate fanbase in their home town. In those years, GarageBand™  transitioned into ProTools™, recordings evolved into mastered tracks, and  small house shows turned into packed venues. 

Their Debut album was released in June of 2017, relying solely on live shows and streaming platform algorithms for promotion and exposure. The algorithm gods took pity on these poor fools and granted them a world-wide audience over the span of the next three years, leading into the release of their sophomore album titled "Ces't La Vie" in March of 2020.



Born and Raised in Miami, Florida to a Mexican mother and Cuban father in August of 1995. He started writing songs during a lonely one-year sting in Tuebingen, Germany at the age of 18 and founded Mustard Service a year later after receiving positive feedback to the voice memos he had recorded on his phone while in Germany. 

(vocals, guitar, songwriter)


Native Miamian Born to Argentine immigrants in December of 1994. He Studied guitar since his middle school years and started collaborating with Marco after the two met and became instant friends in 2009. After  4 years studying at the University of Florida for a bachelors in psychology , the argentine came back to Miami just in time to join Mustard Service while also working for a second Bachelors in music and music education.





Born to Uruguayan immigrants in April of 1998, the Miami native started learning jazz at an early age of 11 after being influenced by the musical intricacies video game music. After playing in a plethora of bands in the Miami jazz scene, he was invited to play one gig with a lowly indie-rock band called Mustard Service. The band was so impressed with his playing that they asked him to fill in permanently to which he replied "yeah sure, whatever".



Born and raised in Miami, Florida to Argentine immigrants, the young Italian Stallion was introduced to Nuchi (Gabriel Marinuchi) at the ripe age of 1. The two have since been long-life friends, even after Tuto's move back to Argentina in middle school. The two friends were always had a shared love of playing music, so it was only natural that he would join Mustard Service along with Nuchi at almost the same instant he touched ground back in Miami in 2015.





Born and raised in Miami, Florida to the renowned Cuban producer Rudy Perez and his wife, Betsy Perez. Being the son of a music producer, young Adam was in and out of recording studios throughout his entire childhood, begging his dad to let him play the drums because it looked like the funnest instrument. He was scouted for Mustard Service after their former drummer and producer left the band to study engineering and he fit in like a glove.


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