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I'm going down.

I got a bag with the things you left around.

Taking up space

but I'll keep it here now just in case.

You never die.

I tried to shoot you down. You're still alive.

Taking up space

In my heart and on my face.

It was always the same old dream

for you and me.

I'm feeling fine.

I got another heart; seems to be mine.

It treats me good.

I don't deserve it, don't feel like I should.

Brings lunch to work.

Can't help but feeling like a jerk.

What can I do?

I'm Still singing songs for you.

Homie, sit right back and just relax
I know you got a lot to do
I'll take care of it all for you
Just sit back and smoke your cigarette

Homie, sit right back; I got my shit
I got a little time for you
I hope you got it too
Just sit back and smoke your cigarette

Lift up your feet
You look like you could use some sleep
Shit’s been getting you down for way too long
Don't lift a finger
Feel free to linger
I'll take care of every little thing

Homie, sit right back and just relax
You look a little sore today
You look a little pale today
Just sit back and smoke your cigarette


Rosie, please stop being a bitch
My friend is so sad
He wants to die, he wants to cry
He is so mad
He listens to drone when he's home alone
He wants to die
He's so depressed, slightly obsessed
He's gonna die

Oh Rosie, please (Oh Rosie, please)
Get on your knees (Get on your knees)
My friend's so sad (My friend's so sad)

Rosie, please stop being a bitch
My friend is so sad
He's gonna die, he's gonna cry
He is so mad

Rosie, please stop, he's had his fill
He's gonna cry
He's so depressed, slightly obsessed
He's gonna die


I'm sorry I hit you with my flip flop, baby
I thought you were a dream, you were making a scene
I'm sorry I might have lied about Jim and Johnny
We were only good friends simply making amends

Oh ha ha ha ha ha ha, you must think I'm a fool
Selling your bullshit, babe, I'm not buying, even Fidel ain't that cruel
I'd have to be lazy, bat-shit and crazy to let you back into my heart
But the voice in my head says I must stay in bed so tomorrow I'll part

I'm sorry I don't know why your car is missing
I didn't sell it, I swear, do you think I would dare?
I'm sorry I shot you with my Smith & Wesson
I didn't think you would die, baby, please don't die

So bye bye bye bye bye, baby please don't be upset
I tried my hardest, and I went the farthest, but it wasn't enough for me yet
Shoulda seen this coming, shoulda had your ass running, shoulda shut that damn door in your face
But I let you barge into me, and then I just let you be, and I'll just take a look at this place


My Oh Me Pt. 1

Swim through my shorelines; the beach is hot and fine
Lay down in my sandy hands just to pass the time

Drink from my nectar, cheap wine and PBR
My streaks will treat you fine, my dear: sunshine and fancy cars

Midnight on the run
Chasing for the sun
She is waiting for your love

My Oh Me Pt. 2

So lay me down on sandy shores
I'll spend my time with salty whores
May we be forgiven
For time spent on living

Oh love me oh daughter
I thought I had caught her
I taste her name
I feel her inside my blood today
So glad that she feels that way

Sweet skins to lay in shallow graves
Sweet streets I'd say all dressed the same
Oh man, what a city
How brilliantly shitty



Oh honey baby, Oh honey darling
Oh, pretty sweetheart, I've been out calling.
Just needs to go out and write you a pop song
Hope that you'll love me and fuck it if I'm wrong

Sunny day, I've been down
I've been going around
Can't stand the sound, not anymore
I've been out using, I've been out cruising
More than you know

Oh honey baby, Oh honey darling
I'd love to kill ya
Load up my shotgun
And you could kill me too
I could only die with you
A car crash might be nice
A grave made for two


I keep my shoes untied just in case I don't fall.
Maybe I might find a cold, hard piece of pavement rushing up to me to greet my broken face and maybe I might be a little bit more friendly, but for now
I think I'll stand around.
I'll just stand around

So when I start to see some face in neon dreams engulfed in fantasies, the world seems more inviting.
I don't wanna die, my skin might disagree
But then my heart, it flies

every single day I'm going down

Just bring me back around
And maybe I'll be gone
But I'll still sing the song
And maybe I'll be fine
And never make a dime

So when I tell you, hun, that I just need to go outside and smoke a blunt, the world seems like it's spinning
I don't wanna die, my skin might disagree
But then my heart, it flies every single day I'm going down


Oh, what a dream
we were so far away in the memory
Just me and you
Sharing a laugh for the Montagues 
It's falling apart again
Like sand falling from my hand
It was only a dream

All it takes is a dream
A relapse by fate, a relapse it seems
I was already there
I had come so far, forgotten that stare
Now you've found it
Pleading for love, pleading to share
It was only a dream


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